Rainbow Range

Our recycled plastic slats come in a range of colours that can be put together to form a rainbow seat. Great for brightening up school playgrounds, theme parks, supporting charities or LGBT events.


Produced in brightly coloured, hard wearing, durable materials such as metal, concrete and recycled plastic. All of our seats and benches are standard adult street furniture sizes but suitable for all age groups. Our Rainbow Seats and Benches can be personalised with inscriptions and commemorative details.




Our Street Furniture is made to order.  Lead time normally 3-4 weeks. Deliveries are to kerb side only and as such please ensure suitable manpower is available to unload and move your Street Furniture.


Most products are free standing however they can be fixed to the floor, but the Southampton Friendship Seat is only available for below ground fixing and as such requires holes to be dug and concreting in place.

Please email your requirements to enquiries@neptunestreetfurniture.co.uk

or phone 01962 777799 to speak to an advisor

Personalising your Rainbow Range Product

Rainbow Range Projects

Rainbow seat
Rainbow seat
Rainbow seat
Rainbow seat
Rainbow seat
Rainbow seat

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