Who are we?

For over 50 years our products have stood the test of time


Neptune Street Furniture Ltd first began producing concrete street furniture in the 1960's. One of the original products, the Southampton Seat, was designed in conjunction with Southampton City Council, is still in production today and as popular as ever.


For many years we have worked with another British manufacturer 'Good Directions Ltd' who manufactured the metalwork for our benches and bins. As the two companies looked to expand product ranges to include more modern designs and alternative materials, the merging of the companies became the next logical step and Neptune became part of the Good Directions Group in August 2013. The company has since been re-branded and operates under the name 'Neptune Street Furniture'.


With many customers in common we can now offer a broader more unified product range all under one roof and all still manufactured in the UK.


We manufacture and supply Street Furniture, Outdoor Seating, Park Benches, Picnic Tables, Litter Bins, Dog Waste Bins and Planters in GRP, Metal, Wood and Concrete.



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