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Installation Service

Although every product we make is designed with end user installation in mind, supplied with easy to follow instruction sheets and assembly kits, as well as offering a range of installation fixing kits to cater for most surfaces, we do still offer a nationwide installation service for those that do not want the hassle of sorting it themselves.


All of our installation work is carried out by our own team of installers who will come prepared with the tools and components to complete the installation in one of our sign written vans. Where required our installers will wear appropriate health and safety equipment as well as ensure that a safe working area is kept clear on site.


The cost for our installation service varies depending on the location of the installation, the type of installation ie. above ground, below ground, the ground type, as well as how many items are being installed.


Please call us on 01962 777799 or email to discuss your requirements and request a price.

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