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Material Options

Our products are grouped into ranges of contemporary and traditional style street furniture, dependent
on their design and construction method. With material specifications unrivalled by other suppliers, we manufacture our products in wood, metal, concrete, GRP and recycled plastic!
Products include Benches, Seats, Tree Benches, Tree Seats, Picnic Tables, Litter Bins, Planters, Public Clocks and Architectural Features


We use Opepe Hardwood as standard on our street furniture due not only to its strength but also the colour and surface finish. Alternative hardwoods and softwoods can be requested.


- All wood used is FSC certified

- Sourced from sustainable forests

- Easy to maintain

- Long life expectancy if maintained


We manufacture street furniture in a wide variety of metals to create vandal resistant, durable products in designs unachievable in wood and plastic alone.


- Mild steel with a galvanised and powder coat finish

- Stainless steel with either a brushed or polished finish

- Cast iron and aluminium with a powder coat finish

- Brass, Bronze and Copper can also be used


We offer several ranges of concrete street furniture spanning both traditional and  contemporary designs


- Exposed aggregate and polished surfaces offer excellent graffiti resistance

- Coloured finishes to match surrounding environment

- Requires virtually no maintenance

- Very durable and resistant to theft due to the products weight

- Some products can be used as an attractive security barrier



A truly unique material that allows us to produce designs that are unachievable in any other material.


- Strong and durable making it very vandal resistant

- Light weight for ease of installation

- Colour impregnated in to the grp therefore no painting is required

- Very low maintenance

- Can replicate other material finishes i.e. wood, aged copper, lead....

Recycled Plastic

The future is here. Our Recycled plastic lumber and mouldings are produced from 100% recycled polythene waste.

- Can be fully recycled at the end of its use

- Requires no painting or preservatives and is easy to clean

- Low maintenance and does not rot

- More resistant to graffiti and acts of vandalism than other traditional materials


Alternative Materials

As an example how alternative materials can change a design, our Southampton seat was designed in the 1960's however this classic design can be transformed to suit modern play parks, shopping centres and city streets by simply altering the materials chosen.


Smooth concrete in a variety of colours, choice of light or dark wood stain, painted wooden slats or powder coated metal can be used, creating a variety of finishes to suit any application. 

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