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Lincoln smoothwhite concrete stret furniture

Lincoln Range

Bring elegant minimalism to your outdoor spaces with The Lincoln Range. This stunning street furniture collection made from durable cast concrete features:

  • Smooth white finish with a beautiful shadowed edge

  • Suitable for a variety of settings like schools, shopping areas or outside office spaces

  • High quality, long-lasting construction stands up to heavy use


With its simple, timeless aesthetic, The Lincoln Range enhances modern landscapes. The clean lines and neutral white colour palette creating a contemporary look. Whether you need benches, seats or planters this versatile range offers the perfect aesthetic balance.

Create a welcoming oasis in busy urban areas or an elegant look for sprawling university campuses and schools. The Lincoln Range's adaptable style improves any outdoor space.

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Products in the Lincoln Range

Lincoln Range Projects

Lincoln Seat (7)
Lincoln Seat (5)
Lincoln Seat (6)
Lincoln Seat (4)
Lincoln Seat (1)
Lincoln Bench (2)
Lincoln Bench (1)
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