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Kara wooden seat

Kara Range

Our Kara range is built around a heavy duty steel frame that is hot-dip galvanised to protect against corrosion and powder coated in Silver Grey RAL 7037 complimented with 45 x 70mm hardwood. All woodwork is treated with an exterior grade base coat and two top coats achieving a colour similar to RAL 8001.


Alternatively instead of our standard wood slats we also offer recycled plastic wood effect lumber.


Products in the Kara Range





Kara Range Projects

Kara seat in park 2
Kara bin with lid outside factory
Kara seat in park
Kara bin (3)
Kara seat (1)
Kara bin (2)
Kara seat (2)
Kara seat (2)
Kara seat (1)
Kara bin (1)
Kara bench
Kara bin with lid in park
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