'Happy to Chat' Range

'Happy to Chat' benches and seats are spreading not only across the UK but across the world. A simple idea by one woman to help tackle loneliness has captured the imagination of so many people that now councils across the UK are looking to install more permanent features.

Allison Owen-Jones, from Cardiff came up with a sign that read - 'Happy to chat bench. Sit here if you don't mind someone stopping to say hello' and started putting home made signs on benches around her town. The idea caught on and people of all ages found it a great way to reach out and not feel lonely any more.

Our range of street furniture can have the words engraved into the actual slat or as a stand out sign attached to the seat. 

Check out our 'Happy to Chat' Facebook page for more images: https://www.facebook.com/happytochatseat

Personalising your 'Happy to Chat' Range Product

'Happy to Chat' Range Gallery

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