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Collaborative Products

A range of Street Furniture designed by renowned German product and concept designer Onno Fridrich from his studio Object-Forming based in the picturesque city of Münster, Germany and produced exclusively by Neptune Street Furniture in our factory situated on the south coast of England.


Object-Forming's moto 'Leben ist Bewegung. Kann sich ein Produkt nicht in das Leben des Menschen einfügen,

wird es zum Störfaktor. Der Mensch gibt das Tempo vor, das Produkt zieht nach' which translates to 'Life is movement. If a product cannot fit into human life, it becomes a disturbing factor. Man sets the pace, the product follows' is key to everything they design. Products are sleek and modern in design whilst retaining elements of times past through a mix of materials, styles and production techniques to ensure they will suit a wide range of installation locations.







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Seat 21
Seat 2
Seat 17
Planter 01
Seat 7
Seat 19
Seat 3
Seat 13
Seat 20
Seat 16
Seat 8
Seat 6
Seat 12
Seat 4
Seat 10
Seat 11
Seat 4
Planter 02
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